Assistant Principal's Message

  • WOODS  

    Intern Principal, Mrs. Cynthia Woods

    I am humbled to be a part of the Larkdale Elementary family. Along with the fabulous team of educators and staff here, we will strive to bring excellence and opportunities to our students. We deem that no child should grow up without the skills to navigate in a world that is constantly changing - socially, mentally, and academically.

    It is my belief that when given the opportunities, the resources, and the right environment, ALL children can learn and be successful in a competitive global market. I am committed to working with the staff, students, and community to assure that this is not only a possibility, but a reality. I am passionate about educating and inspiring others- adults and students, to do incredible work and realize their dreams.

    We encourage you to volunteer and partner with us in ensuring that our students master educational learning standards and develop social skills that will allow them to excel in their future endeavors. We are stronger together than we are as individuals, and “Highlighting The Pathway To Excellence" together with our students.

    Thank you for welcoming me and I look forward to meeting and working with you all! 

    Cynthia Woods
    Intern Principal
    Larkdale Elementary School