Interim/Report Cards


    Educating our students is a team effort between home and school. Therefore, communication is an essential part of the educational process. At least two conferences are recommended each year. This is an opportunity to focus on the student’s progress and strengths as well as areas for continued growth.

    In order to give proper attention and time to parents regarding information about their child, an appointment should be made for a convenient conference time. Impromptu conferences in the hallway or at the classroom door are discouraged since this may interfere with instructional preparation or classroom activities.


    Interim reports will notify parents of concerns regarding academic or behavioral performance. These will be sent home midway within each quarter. It is important that interim reports are signed by parents and returned promptly to the teacher.

    Follow up conversations are encouraged if clarification is needed or if questions arise.


    Pupil Progress Reports inform parents of the child’s social, emotional, and academic progress. Students in first through fifth grades will receive a report card every nine weeks. Kindergarten students will receive one at the end of the second, third,