• Homework information

    Homework is an extension of the classroom's activities and reinforces the learning process.

    Each grade level has developed a policy that is specific for the students in that grade.

    Parents' encouragement and support are important factors related to the manner in which a child approaches homework. Several suggestions to provide a positive approach to homework are:

    Take an active interest in what your child is doing and promote good study habits.

    Provide a suitable place, conducive to good learning.

    Provide for homework in your daily routine.

    Give encouragement.

    Encourage students to seek clarification if assignments are not understood.

    If a child is absent, he/she may have additional homework in order to make up classwork. According to School Board of Broward County guidelines, a child has 2 days for each day absent to complete all make-up work. In order to give teachers adequate preparation time, requests for homework should be made 24 hours prior to material pick up.