Dress Code

  • Our School Dress Code

    Griffin Elementary School participates in a school uniform program. Students are expected to wear their school uniform colors everyday. Wearing a uniform promotes school spirit and helps our students maintain focus on academics.

    Uniform shirt colors include red, white, pink, green, and navy blue. Uniform style pants, shorts, or skirts should be navy blue or khaki.

    Friday is “Spirit Day”.  Students are encouraged to wear their Griffin Elementary T-shirts.

    Please review the Code of Conduct Booklet for the Broward County School’s Dress Code Policy.

    We strongly recommend that ankle length dresses and skirts are not to be used as school apparel.  Girls have been injured because they have tripped and lost their balance while wearing long skirts.  Halter tops, tube tops, short shorts, hip huggers, and other bare midriff wearing apparel are not acceptable.  For safety reasons, students may not wear clogs, backless shoes, or any type of thong or flip shoes.  Caps or visors are not allowed unless worn for medical reasons.


    Benefits of a Uniform Policy

    Research suggests that school uniforms

    • Improve discipline, self-esteem and self-respect.
    • Focus the student towards learning.
    • Eliminate the fear of whether their clothing choice will be acceptable by peers.
    • Strengthens school pride.
    • Identify student population from strangers on school grounds.
    • Cost effective.


    All children should start wearing their school uniform on the very first day of school this August.  Please call us at school if you have any questions or concerns.
    School uniforms are MANDATORY.