Parents & Visitors

  • Student safety is one of our #1 priorities!

    Parents, besides educating your children, we take your child's safety very seriously.  Please see below how you can help us ensure the safety of all of our students.

    Coming to Visit?

    All visitors, including parents, must check in with the front office prior to going to any classrooms or any area on campus. A state-issued photo ID (such as driver's license, passport, Florida Identification Card) is required in order to enter our campus, and you will be issued a visitor pass.

    The visitor pass must be on you and visible at all times while you are on our campus.  This helps us protect the safety of our students.


    Who doesn't love a birthday celebration?  Bringing in sweets for your child's birthday is allowed, but there are some guidelines that must be followed.

    • Any baked goods must be store-bought. No home-baked goods are allowed to be distributed to students.

      What to bring? Cupcakes, doughnuts/doughnut holes or cookies
      When? During your child's lunch time
      Where? In the cafeteria (please do not go back to the classroom)


      We strongly discourage deliveries of balloons and fragile items that have to be transported home by the child. Due to safety concerns, these items will not be delivered to the classroom. Please try to keep the party goods for out of school celebrations. Adhering to these guidelines will allow our students to celebrate their birthday with all of their classmates in a special, friendly, way while saving the more elaborate party celebrations for home.
    • We ask that you give the teacher advanced notice before you bring in the birthday goods.  This is just so the teacher has a heads-up so he or she can make arrangements, if necessary. 
    • If parents are going to remain with the student, the visitor policy does apply.  All guests must show a state-issued photo ID and receive a visitor pass in order to enter campus.

    Thank you for your cooperation with helping to keep all of our students safe!