Pick up & Drop Off

  • Controlling School Traffic is Essential for Safety
    Students should be picked up and dropped off at the car loops only. Parents wishing to park should walk their children to the front gate. Parents are not allowed to walk their children to their classrooms.

    Single Point Entry

    For the safety and security of our students, all Broward County Schools have been designed to have a single point of entry. As a result, anyone coming into the school must enter through the front office door only.

    After the 8:00 a.m. bell rings, the north and the south parking gates will be locked. Parents arriving after the 8:00 a.m. bell must use the main entrance.

    Any parent wishing to visit the school must bring a current driver’s license to be scanned in our STAR Security System in order to be granted admission.

    Arrival-Dismissal Guidelines

    Parents should drop students off in the morning in the parking lot that is closest to their child’s classroom.

    • Designated Pick-up Areas: PLACE, Kindergarten, First and Second Grade – North Parking Lot 
    • Grades 3, 4, & 5 – Main Entrance 
    • Older siblings report to their younger sibling’s car pick-up area 
    • Bus Riders – South Parking Lot 
    • Walkers – Main Entrance or the South Parking Lot through the cafeteria. 
    • Walkers are not allowed to cut through traffic. 
    • Walkers need to use the sidewalk and cross by the Crossing Guard.  
    • The bike rack is located on the South Side of the school. All riders must wear a helmet. Students are not allowed to ride their bikes in the parking lot.
    • The South Area Parking Lot is designated for faculty parking and buses. Avoid picking up or dropping off your child in this area. 
    • The Main Entrance is designated for Guest Parking.

    Children should always enter or exit on the RIGHT side of the vehicle. Staff members are not required to open car doors. Teachers need to monitor students and cannot conduct conferences and discussions with parents during dismissal time. If you need to discuss your child’s progress, make an appointment with the teacher. DO NOT drop off your children prior to 7:30 a.m., as we cannot provide supervision before that time. 

    PLEASE NOTE: There will be NO early dismissal after 1:30pm. 

    Notes from BSO

    Cross at the designated crosswalk only. Do not drop off children in the roadway. The use of cell phones is strictly prohibited in drop-off and pick-up areas during arrival and dismissal times.

    Air Quality

    If arriving early, please try to adhere to our no-idiling policy to increase our air quality for our students and staff.