School-Related Inquiries

The School District has a new organization structure. Formerly, there were three Area Offices. If you previously called the Area Offices with an inquiry or an issue, now call the Service Quality Office at 754-321-3636.

If you have questions that have not been resolved by the school, call the Service Quality Office at 754-321-3636.

School Registration

To learn how to register your child for school, click here or call your child’s school.

School Calendars

For a copy of the school calendar, click here.

School Meals

Food and Nutrition Services Website:


Free and Reduced Price Meals:

Online Meal Payments:

Information about school meals (lunch rates, free & reduced, online payments), click here or call 754-321-0215.

Bus Transportation

If you have questions about school bus transportation, click here or call

  • North Routes 1000-1999: 754-321-4000
  • Northwest Routes 5000-5999: 754-321-4050
  • Central Routes 2000-2999: 754-321-4480
  • West Central Routes 4000-4999: 754-321-4150
  • South Routes 3000-3999: 754-321-4100

Attendance issues

If you have questions about attendance issues, contact your child’s school, visit the Student Services Department website by clicking here, or call 754-321-2490.


For information on requesting a reassignment, click here or call the Department of Demographics & Student Assignments at 754-321-2480.

Before and After School Child Care

For information about Before and After School Child Care, click here or call 754-321-3330.


Exceptional Education
For information about Exceptional Education, visit the ESESS website by clicking here, or call 754-321-2200.

Broward Virtual School Online Classes
To learn about online classes for kindergarten through 12th grade students, click here, or call 754-321-1100.

To log on to the Pinnacle system, click here. To learn more about the Pinnacle online grade book and attendance system for middle and high school students, click here, then click on "Pinnacle." 

Virtual Counselor
To learn how you can view your child’s test scores, overall attendance, graduation information, etc. on Virtual Counselor, click here. Call your school for Virtual Counselor login information. To go to Virtual Counselor, click here.

Broward Education Enterprise Portal (BEEP)
To go to BEEP, click here.

Community Service Hours Requirement and Information (High School Students)

To learn about Community Service Hours Requirements for high school students contact
your school’s  Service Learning Coordinator or click here.

Policies and Procedures

District Policies and Procedures
For a list of School Board Policies, click here.
For a list of School Board members, click here.
If you have a concern about a District policy or procedure, call your child’s school or contact your School Board Member.
To visit the District Advisory Council website, click here

Homework Policy
To view the District’s Homework Policy, click here.

Attendance Policy
To view a copy of the Attendance Policy, click here.

Anti-Bullying Policy
To read the District Anti-Bullying Policy, click here.

Reporting Dangerous Situations

If you fear a student is in IMMEDIATE danger, contact their home school, the police or the Broward County Public Schools Emergency Hotline at 754-321-0911 immediately!
For Bullying Anonymous Reporting Form, click here.

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