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November 6, 2014


Broward school leaders address bond passage

There's a lot of excitement in the Broward County School Board about the passage of an $800 million bond referendum. Superintendent Robert Runcie and School Board Chairwoman Patti Good, surrounded by lots of district officials and bond supporters, discussed their gratitude to voters and what's ahead for construction during a Wednesday press conference. 
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Broward Public Schools plan how to disperse bond money

Broward County Public School District officials are gearing up their plan to spend $800 million in bond money approved by voters in Tuesday's election. "Every school wins based on yesterday's outcome," said Superintendent Robert Runcie at a news conference Wednesday morning.  Read More


(Video)287 safety projects coming for Broward public schools after voters approve bond issue

Watch the video featuring more information about the 287 safety projects that will be generated from the approved bond.  Read More


Broward voters approve $800 million bond

Students at Broward County Schools will see improved facilities, more technology and more resources for arts and athletics. The Broward County voters approved an $800 million General Obligation Bond during the November 4 election.  Read More

November 5, 2014


Broward County voters approve school bond

Broward County Schools will have a chance to make good on an ambitious plan to fix decaying schools after voters overwhelmingly approved an $800 million bond referendum. The plan will be used mostly to fix old schools in the east and to address crowding in a few western schools. Schools will also receive about $80 million in money for technology.  
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Broward voters back school bonds

Thanks to overwhelming voter support, Broward schools will receive $800 million in new investments — new roofs, new air-conditioning systems and new technology for today’s tech-savvy students. Broward voters on Tuesday approved the spending plan, which will add about $50 to the average homeowner’s property tax bill, by more than a 2-to-1 margin. It was a historic moment for the country’s sixth-largest school district.  Read More


Voters approve $800 million in bonds for Broward public schools

Voters approved $800 million in bonds for Broward County Public Schools to invest in the district. Seventy-four percent of voters voted in favor for the bonds to be issued, while 26 percent voted against it. The bond money will be used to renovate and repair Broward's aging school district, upgrade its safety and security systems and purchase thousands of new computers and educational technology  Read More


Broward citizens to vote on schools renovation bond today

The citizens of Broward Country are voicing their choice on renovations to public schools Tuesday. Broward County Superintendent of Schools Robert Runcie cast his vote in Cooper City Tuesday morning. He has been campaigning for a bond referendum that would raise more than $800 million to repair dozens of public schools in Broward County.  Read More


Voters Approve Bond To Improve Broward Schools

Voters in Broward County were able to weigh in on whether to approve an $800 million bond to improve the county’s public schools.  Read More


Broward Voters Weigh In On Bond Issue, Gov Race

Millions of dollars have been spent on campaign ads leading up to Tuesday’s General Election. Clear skies helped a record early voting in Broward and prevented polling congestion.  Read More


Short lines at South Florida voting precincts, despite nasty gubernatorial race

Lines were short or nonexistent at South Florida voting precincts, as midterm election voters' enthusiasm was low and Washington gridlock fears were high…. Broward Schools Superintendent Robert W. Runcie and Miami-Dade Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho were some of the community leaders asking everyone who crossed their path to get out and vote.  Read More


November 1-3, 2014


Facing South Florida: One-on-One with Broward Schools Supt. Robert Runcie

Voters in Broward County will decide whether to raise property taxes so the school district can issue 800 million dollars in bonds to renovate and repair existing schools. According to the district, the bond would cost the owner of a home with an assessed value of 225,000 dollars about 50 dollars a year. But it is not without controversy. Jim goes one-on-one with Broward Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie about the bond issue.  
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October 31, 2014


Broward County School Officials Want $800 Million in Taxpayer Money to Fix Schools in Disrepair

Election Day on Tuesday is going to decide an important local issue that could impact schools in Broward. Voters are being asked to decide on a referendum that would help fund safety projects for public schools in Broward. Taxpayers are being asked to foot the $800 million bill that will help repair building safety issues, such as drainage issues, windows, and roofs in disrepair. The funds would also be used to provide security cameras for schools.  
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Broward County School Officials Want $800 Million in Taxpayer Money to Fix Schools in Disrepair

Voters are being asked to decide on a referendum that would help fund safety projects for public schools in Broward.  Read More

October 30, 2014


Public Safety Officials Join Superintendent Robert Runcie to Highlight the Safety Needs Addressed by the $800 million school bond effort

The $800 million Broward School bond referendum on the November 4th ballot will help fund critical safety projects in public schools across the county.  The bond will help address building safety issues, such as fixing roofs, windows and drainage as well as providing single point of entry and security cameras for our Broward public schools. 
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Mike Ryan and Greg Ross: Bond issue deserves support

As mayors, we understand the moral imperative to ensure every child has access to a quality education in a safe and nurturing environment. We are also keenly aware that quality public education is an economic tool which supports strong neighborhoods, builds cohesive communities and allows us to compete nationwide to retain and attract families, residents and businesses. Recently, the district hired a nationally renowned firm to conduct an independent needs assessment. What they found was startling: More than $3 billion in deferred improvements necessary to renovate, repair and upgrade aging schools. 
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Is the Broward School Bond too Massive to Manage?

If Broward voters reject the school district's $800 million bond referendum, will Superintendent Robert Runcie take it as a personal repudiation — and will it mean his days are numbered? 
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October 22-23, 2014


Mayo: Given Broward Schools' Rocky Past, is $800 Million Bond Measure Too Bold?

If Broward voters reject the school district's $800 million bond referendum, will Superintendent Robert Runcie take it as a personal repudiation — and will it mean his days are numbered? 
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Now is the time for us to make smart investments in the children of Broward County

Arriving in Broward County in October 2011, almost nine months after the release of a grandjury report, my mission was clear – repair public trust while maintaining our commitment to give all children a high quality education experience. Today, we have a different School Board, new administrative leadership, and have made significant progress. Our community must move beyond the past and help us create a great future for our children.  Read More

October 20, 2014


Third party oversight for $800 million bond to improve Broward County Schools

The Lauderhill County Commission held an open hearing to approve a list of key policy changes to be voted on by the general public in the upcoming November elections. Much of the hearing had a business as usual feel to it, as proposal after proposal passed without a single voice of opinion from the general public. When the proposal regarding the $800 million bond to improve Broward County school facilities was open to the floor Dr. Desmond Blackburn, a representative for the Broward County School Superintendent, took the podium. 
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October 18, 2014


Broward residents to decide on referendum for schools

An $800 million referendum to improve the sixth largest school system in the country will be on November's ballot, but it will be up to voters to decide its fate. 
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October 13, 2014


South Florida 100 Forum Oct. 12

Robert Runcie, superintendent, Broward County Public Schools 
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October 12, 2014


Bond focuses on school construction-- and public trust

The fate of an $800 million school bond referendum could depend on what voters think is in greater disrepair: Broward County schools or their trust in those who would spend the money. 
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October 11, 2014


Broward School District seeks $800 million in bonds

On November 4th, the Broward School District will ask voters for permission to issue $800 million in bonds to renovate and repair crumbling schools and improve technology. But there's a critical question; can taxpayers look past the district's history of corruption to approve the measure? "I would say that we cannot sacrifice the future of our children today because of the sins of the past," said Broward Schools superintendent Robert Runcie. 
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October 8, 2014


School projects to be determined by voters

An $800 million bond referendum is on the table in Broward County as school board members are looking into how the money will be spent, but voters will have the final say. 
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October 5, 2014


Past aside, Broward schools need repair funds

The Broward County Public Schools District wants voters to pass an $800 million bond referendum to repair leaky roofs, buy computers and renovate the majority of its 200-plus campuses. The tab — like the need — is huge. And it comes at a tough time for struggling families. 
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October 3, 2014


Broward Superintendent Goes Back To Class For Bond Referendum Push

The Superintendent of Broward County Public Schools went back to class this week to experience a day in the life of a student. Thursday, Superintendent Robert Runcie visited Plantation High School was Runcie’s second visit to a school this week. 
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October 2, 2014


Broward Superintendent experiences school as student

A South Florida superintendent returned to class Wednesday -- but from the view of a student, to see firsthand some of the school's much-needed renovations. Students at Hollywood Hills High School said their school is in dire need of help and wanted Broward Superintendent Robert Runcie to see the needs for himself.
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Broward School superintendent spends “day in the life of a student”

Superintendent Robert W. Runcie headed back to class today, October 1, 2014, spending time at Hollywood Hills High School. The visit was prompted by an invitation from a student at the Conversation with the District community forum on September 22, 2014, during which the student asked the Superintendent join him at Hollywood Hills to experience a “day in the life ...
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