• Students

    Stranahan offers more features to students than you might expect. At first it may be hard, but as you gain knowledge you learn that there is plenty you could do to take advantage and make a difference during your High School esperience. Students have a large range of clubs that they could join and are able to pursue their own if none fits them. click on CLUBS AND ORGINAZTIONS for the list.

    Students at Stranahan have many resources at the tip of their hands. One of them is the media center; at the media center computers are available for students use while also printers are accessible for a small fee. Volunteer hours could be received after school hours and are a great way for students to reach their requirements. The media center also has a large range of books that could be borrowed. For more information click here on MEDIA CENTER.

     The team of guidance counselors at Stranahan work everyday to improve the overall experiences for each and every student. Guidance can help show where you are on your path to graduatie and give you the resources needed to do so at the best of your ability. To learn more click on GUIDANCE or stop by your guidance counselor located in building 1. 

    If You have any suggestions relating anything from the website to school procedures please let us know through are SUGESTIONS SURVEY