• Food Sales on Campus - Campus food deliveries and restaurant sales to students are not permitted per School Board Policy 3.2, which states: 
    "Only organizations approved by the school board may sell food and beverage items in accordance with the rules listed in this policy. Such services shall be in accordance with federal laws, Florida statutes, Florida State Board of Education administrative rules, board policy, rules, regulations and guidelines, as well as Broward Health Department Sanitation Rules." 
    Food sales on campus must not interfere with the Food Service Program. In high schools, all foods sold in competition with food service, shall take place one hour following the close of the last school lunch period.
    Sales and deliveries of food/candy on campus disrupt the orderly conduct of the school (School Board Policy 4018), and are not permitted. Additionally, the safety and security of students could be compromised through the acceptance of food items from vendors.