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    What is School Advisory Council?

    The School Advisory Councils (SAC) sets up priorities and student performance standards that serve as guiding principles for schools. The Council also looks at aspects of their school as suggested by the priorities and develops a written School Improvement Plan as part of the school and District's continuous growth model.

    Overview of School Advisory Council (SAC):

    The School Advisory Council (SAC), supports the School Improvement Plan and works side-by-side with School Advisory Forum (SAF) to make Stranahan High School (SHS) a better school in all facets, but most importantly academics. SAC is comprised of a core group of administrators, teachers, parents, and community leaders who have a vested interest in the success of all students at our school.  This council creates initiatives to support the student body with tools necessary for educational excellence. Here is where waivers are initiated, voted upon, and eventually rolled out to all parties involved.  These initiatives currently focus on improving reading skills with students that are deficient.

    Immediately following the SAC quorum SAF meets with a larger body of faculty, staff and parents to share concerns discussed in SAC.  This forum works in conjunction with Stranahan's Family Night events which are intended to pique the interest of the community and families surrounding SHS while important matters of the school are discussed.

    How can parents get involved and participate in the SAC committee?

    Parents are encouraged to attend the monthly meeting of the SAC committee at their child’s school. Stranahan High School Advisory Council meets every second Wednesday of each month at 5:30pm in the Media Center

    Why is it important for parents to be active participants?

    • The SAC committee provides a place where parents can voice their opinions and suggestions.
    • They have an active role in making decisions that will best serve the students.
    • SAC also gives the opportunity for parents to actively participate in setting goals and making plans to achieve those academic goals.
    • SAC allows for parents to identify issues that need to be addressed concerning the school climate.