Dual Enrollment

  • Dual enrollment is an acceleration opportunity for students who have an unweighted 3.0 GPA, 11 credits for fall/summer sessions or 13.5 for winter session, and a qualifying test score (PERT*, CPT*, ACT, SAT). 

    It is suggested that students who are interested in dual enrollment, pick up a DE packet (application, permission form, and approved dual enrollment classes, book form) AFTER registration (mid-April).  However, neither guidance nor BC will accept forms until Broward College posts courses for summer and fall and high school registration opens.  

    Paperwork for dual enrollment is only available from the student's assigned counselor  and for students who qualify.  For a list of approved courses, click the link below.  For a list of class offerings with dates and times, visit Broward College.


    PLEASE NOTE:  Book fees apply for summer dual enrollment and are the responsibility of the student and/or his or her parent(s)/ guardian.


    *The College Placement Test (CPT) is a free assessment at Broward College that can be used to achieve the qualifying score for Dual Enrollment.  Call 954-201-6982 for testing hours and location.