• National Art Honors Society




    The National Art Honor Society is an art service-based organization comprised of members who share a love for Art.  We take art related field trips and participate in community-based activities around Broward County. We also participate in activities created by our Student Government to support our school and local community.




    Ms. Lane Johnson

    Room 306


    OFFICERS 2018 - 2019

    PRESIDENT:  Michelle Holguin

    VICE PRESIDENT:  Aduresa Bytyi

    SECRETARY:  Esbeidy Pineda

    TREASURER:  Juzell Morgan

    HISTORIAN:  Tessa MacKinnon



    Typical activities include: Face painting at local elementary school events, community events, and charity events. We also volunteer at the Coral Springs Festival of the Arts at the Walk, take part in group art painting contests around the county, Thanksgiving baskets donation, sidewalk painting, canned food drives, and much more!


    You are required to pay $25 dues online (go to CSHS website – Online Payments) These funds are used to pay for NAHS dues and membership fees, club activities/supplies, senior cords, food for club parties and donations to worthy causes.


    New and returning members must earn 10 inside club hours throughout the year. New members who meet the requirements will be officially inducted at the end of the year and seniors will receive an honor cord to wear at graduation. Members can earn these hours by attending meetings and participating in club events and school activities 



    SENIOR CORDS: Students that have been inducted into NAHS who hold a GPA of 3.0 or higher, have paid their dues/raised funds, and have met club requirements will have the opportunity to wear a cord at graduation.


    The student must…

    1. currently be a junior or a senior
    2. have taken an art class at CSHS during 9-12th grade
    3. have attained an A or B average in previous Art Classes.
    4. have a weighted cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher.
    5. submit a completed application to Ms. Johnson in Room 306
    6. pay membership dues online and fundraise
    7. not miss more than 2 meetings