• All New River Middle School 7th grade students will take the Civics End-of-Course exam. Here are some resources that will help you prepare for this exam.

Civics Links

  • Fun And Informational Civics Games

    This website has been mentioned before and many of our informational civics readings from class come from here. CLICK on PLAY to play lots of fun and informational civics games. ALL of these games are helpful and fun to prepare for the Civics EOC exam.

    Tutorial Videos ON Civics Topics

    The website above has Civics Tutorial Videos created by CPALMS. The videos are great for review or if you were absent for a topic. Complete the video including the practice items for best comprehension of civics materials.

    Florida Department Of Education

    You can find more information on the Florida Civics EOCA on the Florida Department Of Education website.