• The ESOL Program at Gator Run Elementary School


    At Gator Run Elementary School the ESOL Program follows the

    Mainstream/Inclusion model.


    Upon registration, students when identified as English not being his/her primary language are tested and given a language proficiency level, for teachers to better support the students’ English language Needs, in order to meet the requirements of the State Board of Education. When a student enters the ESOL program an ELL plan is generated and are monitored.


    The Mainstream/Inclusion model is the following:


    Students are instructed in English. The instructional goal is to meet

    grade appropriate academic achievement standards for grade promotion

    and graduation.  Students in the ESOL program are required to meet the same curriculum standards as any other student.  The content of the curriculum is established by the Sunshine State Standards.  ESOL strategies, supplementary materials, and native language assistance are used to ensure that comprehensible instruction is being provided to every ELL student.


    Although instruction is in English, at Gator Run Elementary School teachers and support personnel are trained and certified to teach students that speak other languages.  Teachers use state and district approved strategies and accommodations to help English Language Learners learn English. 


    The ESOL Specialist assesses each ESOL student in English proficiency and supplies instructional and curricular support to administration, teachers and parents,  as well as maintains a file for each ESOL student’s assessments, ELL plan, meetings, Annual reviews and Reevaluations.


    Students in the ESOL program are assessed every spring by the state in Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.  While students are in the ESOL program, they are offered (not limited to) accommodations such as extra time and use of a word to word translation dictionary on state standardized tests.


    After School Camp:


    The Cultural Academy for New Americans (CANA) is a culturally-thematic tutoring program for immigrant students that are eligible.


    The 12 week culturally thematic structured tutoring program includes cultural reading instruction, oral language development, hands-on activities a to support culture-based learning.  The computer program is individualized to meet the English needs of each student.



    How can parents get involved?


    The ESOL Parent Ambassador Program in collaboration with the ESOL Parent Outreach office of Broward County Public Schools and ESOL Specialist, is a support group led by parent volunteers to help support non-English speaking families with the Transition into the American School system and the Broward County Public School system.


    Contact information:


    ESOL Specialist:


    Lisette M. Sanchez, MA



    ESOL Parent Ambassadors: