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    Dear Parent/Guardian,

    If your child owes money to the cafeteria it must be paid in full before the child can buy breakfast, lunch, ice cream or any extra items. Students are only allowed one (1) charge for breakfast and lunch. You can put any amount of money in your child's account to pay for meals, ice cream, and/or extra items.  You can call me directly to find out your child's available balance or to see what your child is buying. Listed below is the cost for all available extra items.

    Thank You,

    Kelly Sheffer, Cafeteria Manager, 754-323-5860

    Cafeteria Restrictions

    Due to School Board policy, no food from outside vendors (such as McDonald's) is permitted. Children are not permitted to bring drinks in aluminum cans for lunch or anything in glass bottles. Students who bring lunch from home need to remember to bring their own spoons, napkins, straws, etc.

    Birthday Celebrations

    Parents are welcome to bring treats for their child's class to the cafeteria (only) during lunch period. The Broward County Health Department requires that all such treats MUST BE COMMERCIALLY PREPARED AND HAVE BEEN PURCHASED FROM A STORE. HOMEMADE TREATS ARE NOT PERMITTED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

    Please bring a treat that your child can easily distribute as an individual serving.  This is not a birthday party for your child.