• In keeping with Maria Montessoris philosophy of educating the whole child the arts and sciences are alive and well at Virginia Shuman Young.  All VSY students enjoy a 30 minute special period where they meet for 22 days, twice a year in music, art, media and science lab. 

    As part of the special area programs, students learn music appreciation through the study of instruments, songs, and movements.  The year begins with musical expression through singing and continues with students learning how to play the violin.

    Our art program exposes children to drawing, painting and sculpting. The year begins with color theory and travels throughout all the principals of design. 

    Students also have the opportunity to expirence multi-cultural education through our Spanish program.

    The science lab challenges young minds through hands-on activities.  The year starts with a lab expedition using science inquire skills and continues with providing a foundation in physical, earth and life sciences.

    Fourth and fifth grade students may choose to be part of VSY`s enrichment program.  These programs include: Robotics, Debate, Chorus, Violin, Drama, Art, Technology, Gardening and Environmental Science.  These programs delve deeper into the child´s interest.