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    Registering for High School

        Your grades from Middle School count! Students are recommended for classes in high school based on middle school grades and FSA test scores. 



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    What Can I Do To Prepare For High School


          Start looking for volunteer opportunities. Students need a minimum of 40 Community Service hours to graduate from high school. A minimum of 100 hours is recommended for certain scholarships. Students can start earning hours towards their graduation requirements starting the day after the last day of middle school. Students need to get their Community Service Hours approved prior to starting them. They should get the hours approved at their high school. Below are the Community Service Hour Forms.


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    High School Transcripts and Grades


         In high school, the year is broken up into 2 parts called semesters. A transcript is a record of ALL semester grades earned. When students apply to a university or a scholarship program and they require a transcript, these organizations will see ALL of their semester grades. Grades can NEVER be taken off of a high school transcript. EVERY year in high school counts! Semester grades are calculated as follows: 1st Semester= 1st quarter grade + 2nd quarter grade + Midterm Exam 2nd Semester= 3rd quarter grade + 4th quarter grade + Final Exam


    High School Courses in Middle School


         Students can accelerate by taking high school courses while still in middle school. Some students take courses like Algebra, Geometry or Spanish in middle school and others may choose to take a high school course though virtual school (www.flvs.net). This can be a great opportunity to start earning high school credits, but BE CAREFUL. All high school courses taken in middle school WILL go on your official transcript and can never be removed. So keep in mind that the grades you get in these classes will have an affect on your college admissions decisions and scholarship opportunities.