Student Transportation
  • Students arrive to and from school via various modes of transportation. Deerfield Beach High School encourages students to arrive to school on time no matter how they get to campus. This page has been designed to give parents and students useful information in regards to student transportation.


  • The Student Transportation Department is committed to the safe and efficient transportation of all eligible Broward County Public Schools’ students in compliance with federal, state and local guidelines. This department consists of District Pupil Transportation Operations supporting its five Transportation Terminals located throughout Broward County, Florida.

    There are over 1,000 school buses used by Broward District Schools on daily routes, transporting more than 80,000 students to and from school, and driving more than 18 million miles to over 290 locations.

    Routes | 1000 – 1999 | North Area Transportation Terminal | 754.321.4000

    Routes | 2000 – 2999 | Central Area Transportation Terminal | 754.321.4480

    Routes | 3000 – 3999 | South Area Transportation Terminal | 754.321.4100

    Routes | 4000 – 4999 | Central West Transportation Terminal | 754.321.4150

    Routes | 5000 – 5999 | South West Transportation Terminal | 754.321.4150

    Who Is Eligible For Bus Transportation?
    All students living more than two miles from assigned schools (pursuant to Section F.S. 1006.21, Florida Statutes). With certain exceptions, student transportation is the responsibility of the parent for those students living less than two miles from a school.

Pick-up and Drop-off

  • Parents wishing to drive their child to school between 7:00am-7:30am and/or 2:30pm-3:00pm can enter from the North side of Deerfield Beach High School. The gate off Buck Pride Way, near Butler Stadium will open at 6:45am and/or 2:10pm.

    When entering the loop, do not stop in the red zone to pick-up or drop-off students. This is not a loading and unloading zone. Stopping here is a major cause of the backups that occur in the loop and on Buck Pride Way. Please do not drop off students outside the gates, as loading or unloading in this area may subject you to a $100 fine. Also the front entrance and student parking lot, off of NE 5th Terrace, are not locations to drop-off or pick-up students.

    Map of Deerfield Beach's Parent Drop off location    Traveling from the West

         Turn right on Buck Pride Way, stay in right turn lane

         Turn right after Butler Stadium into first set of school gates

         Turn left at Butler Stadium ticket booth

         Drop your child off at the sidewalk

         Proceed back to Buck Pride Way

         Turn right onto Buck Pride Way

     Slowly exit the lot, being mindful that other parents are delivering their children, and teachers are arriving at school and parking in that back lot


  • Students who drive to and from school are required to park in the student parking lot; access gates are off Buck Pride Way or NE 5th Terrace which will open at 6:45am and/or 2:20pm. They must park in the student parking lot and may not park on neighborhood streets. Students who do not follow this rule will be issued a detention, as student parking is a privilege at Deerfield Beach High School. The cost to park in the student lot is $60. Please download the parking permit application and submit the form to Security Specialist Ms. Wright. Students must be at least 16 years of age with a valid drivers license.

    Parking Permit Form


  • Activity buses are provided to students who are involved in after school activities. Students must be out of boundary magnet students to apply. Students who are involved in an after school activity are required to obtain a bus pass to ride the activity bus.

    CBA & UTAP students should see Ms. Dinnerstein in the CBA office for a pass.

    IB Students should see Ms. Johnston-Bush in the IB office for a pass.

    All other students should see Ms. Docilait in Student Affairs for a pass.

    Activity buses leave the Deerfield Beach High School campus promptly at 5:00pm. Activity buses do not run on days that fall before a no-school day and on days that are early release.


  • Students that ride bicycles to school are requested to lock their bicycles up by portable 1 along the fence line.


  • Students who drive to and from school have the ability to be signed out from school with permission from the student’s parent and or guardian. Please download and complete the Student Authorized Release Form and return it to Ms. Docilait in Student Affairs. The Student Authorized Release Form MUST be notarized prior to being turned in. Click here to download.