• To report an absence please call 754.322.0652

Attendance Works


  • Students must be in school unless the absence has been excused for one of the reasons listed below. For reasons 1-5, parents must report the absence the day before, the day of, or within two (2) school days following the absence, or the absence will be considered unexcused. Some situations will require written documentation from a private physician or public health unit. Excused absences include.

    1. Illness of student. If a doctor states in writing that the student will be absent for fifteen (15) or more days, the guidance department should be notified so the Homebound Instructional Program can be arranged.
    2. Illness of an immediate family member.
    3. Death in the family.
    4. Religious holidays of the students own specific faith.
    5. Special events IF the student gets permission from the school at least five (5) days in advance. Such trips refer to exceptional cases of family need, college visitations, or trips of an academic nature.
    6. Doctor or dental appointment IF the parent notifies the school of the date appointment time.
    7. Internal suspension.


  • Deerfield Beach High School uses a system-wide grade management program called Pinnacle. One of the most important features of this system is the Parent Internet Viewer. The viewer allows parents and students to access real-time grades and attendance via the internet. This is a wonderful too to stay up-to-date on how your child is progressing in his / her classes. The viewer allows you to receive email alerts when your child’s grade drops below a specified average or when your child is absent from a class.

    Please follow this link to see your child’s performance – Pinnacle