• Basketball Announcements

    Congratulation to all our Athletees!

    FGMS BOYS AND GIRLS Basketball TEAM 2021-2022:

    Boys: Josiah Davis, Najee Freeman, Jeshua Ruskin, Llyod Ruskin, Andrew Nowak, Nirel Earley, Semaj Jones, Deion Andrew, Arly Blaise, Andre Hightower, Jarel Decius, Nathan Bertrand, Taije Spencer, Raphael Pierce, Haani Khadiyawala

    Girls:  Nethania Noel-Jeune, Ashley Noel-Jeune, Caitlin Trobaugh, Sofia DaSilva, Amelina Garcia, Sarah Kenney, Emily Black, Kelsey Dunkes, Laylah Jarussi Tessa Morales, Chloe Miller, Jordan Giltrap, Jakaila Robinson, Angelina Mato, Adriana Walters

  • Cross County Announcements

    Congratulations to all our Athletees!


    Boys:Tyler Cline, R.J. Delgado Borrero, Da'kyle Delice, Aiden Flores, Gregory Hamilton, Anthony Garzon, Zachary Majdoch, Caden Piersol, and Nikolas Veselinovic.
    Girls: Danaysha Delice, Emily Dunkley, Sofia Evans, Sanaai Glen, Jayla Pacheco, Taylor Rolle, Alyson Thomas, and Ella Wood.

  • Golf Announcements


    Congratulations to all our Athletees!

    FGMS GOLF TEAM 2021 - 2022:

    Boys: Cody Cook, David Haracic, Raphael Pierce, Elijah Rowell, Jeshua Ruskin, Lloyd Ruskin, and Ian Valentine
    Girls: Tazaria Batts and Tea Galvan

  • Soccer Announcements

    Congratulation to all our Athletees!


    FGMS BOYS SOCCER TEAM 2021 - 2022:  Any student who has not tried out for the team yet is welcome to come on Friday, August 27th or any day next week.

    8th: Andres Astaiza, Anthony Gil, Ethan Josaphat, Miguel Jumpp, Ethan Perez, Jordan Roberts, Anthony Rodriguez, Brayden Sorge, Timothy Stamper, William Urena, and Brayden Willie.
    7th: Angel Castillo, Chase Fairfield, Alex Forero, Malachi Gordon, Jael Mattos, and Caio Palhano. 
    6th: Italo Canepa, Tristan Dubuisson, and James Lefrancois, 

    FGMS GIRLS SOCCER TEAM 2021 - 2022: Congratulations to the 21-22 Girls soccer team!! Please meet at the field at the park on Monday, August 30, 2021, right after school. Make sure you change before arriving. Please bring water for practice.
    Anna Austin, Emily Black, Khaleel Banton, Amber Camargo, Amber Carter, Kelsey Dunkes, Alena Hecht, Jaylene Gell, Georgina Lowe, Maia Manley, Symphony McCaw, Lynzie Mesadieu, Zoe Myers, Arayanna Pierce, Abby Torres, and Kaelyn Wright

    The following girls are invited one more time: Daleah Etienne, Isabella Alvarez and Annabelle Camargo. Please meet at the park with equipment and water.

  • Volleyball Announcements


    Girl's Volleyball Tryout Information

    Monday 11/15 8th

    Tuesday 11/17 7th

    Thursday 11/18 6th

    Monday 11/29 finals cuts/all others that missed tryouts

    Boy's Volleyball Tryout Information

  • Athletics Director: Mr. Dorfman

    To participate in interscholastic extracurricular athletics, middle school students must meet the following requirements, based on each 9-week marking period:

    1. Students must have been regularly promoted and must maintain a quarterly grade point average of 2.0 or above on a 4.0 scale. Middle school students must pass 5 out of 6 classes.
    2. Students may receive no more than one “U” in conduct.
    3. Failure to meet requirements makes the student-athlete ineligible for contests for the entire next nine weeks. This will take effect as of report card issue date.
    4. Any athlete who is suspended for school will be immediately dismissed from the team.
    5. Any athletes who accumulates two or more unexcused absences from practices or competitions may be dismissed from the team.
    6. All athletes are expected to wear proper athletic attire for practice (tee shirt, athletic shorts and appropriate athletic shoes).
    7. All athletes must be 15 years old or less prior to August 18, 2021.
    8. Please visit Register My Athlete Online to complete your registration and submit all the necessary documentations. 


    Sport Coach Season Announcement/Final Standing

    Girls' Soccer

     Ms. Flaster

     Dr. Taylor

    Sept. - Oct.  

    Boys' Soccer

     Mr. Bernasconi Sept. - Oct.  

    Girls' Basketball

     Mr. Sperling Oct. - Dec  

    Boys' Basketball

     Mr. Barta Oct. - Dec.  


     Ms. Logan Oct. - Dec.  

    Girls Volleyball

     Ms. Flaster / Dr. Taylor Nov. - Jan.  

    Boys Volleyball

     Mr. Sperling / Ms. Ferdinando Nov. - Jan.  

    Girls Flag FB

     Mr. Reidy Jan. - Mar.  

    Boys Flag FB

     Mr. Kendrick Jan. - Mar.  


      Mar. - Apr.  

    Girls Track

     Ms. Brighton Mar. - May  

    Boys Track

     Mr. Barnes Mar. - May  

    Cross Country

     Mr. Barnes Sept. - Nov.  


     Mr. Sperling Sept. - Oct.  



    ** A GOFAN account has been created for FGMS so that tickets sales for our Athletic events can be purchased online.**