• Hello FGMS Athletes, 

    There is a new way to register your athlete online and provide all the necessary documentations.   To register your athlete click the Register My Athlete Online to complete the registration.  Should you need assistance below is the instructions and support contact information. 

    Register My Athlete Instructions and Contact Information

    Thank you and congratulation to all our athletes.

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  • Athletics COVID Information/Updates

    Due to COVID-19, the FGMS Athletic Department will not make tickets nor concessions available for purchase at our athletic venues this year. Student athletes and participants are permitted to have a limited number of approved guest (spectators) for each venue. Approved spectators will be expected to follow social distancing guidelines for entrance and seating. Event spectators must have an appropriate PPE Face Mask to enter. Spectators are asked to self-screen at home and not report to any venue while sick or exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms. All spectators will undergo a security check before entering the venue and be asked to follow and maintain physical distancing guidelines and avoid congregating in groups during athletic events.

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  • Athletics Director: Mr. Dorfman

    To participate in interscholastic extracurricular athletics, middle school students must meet the following requirements, based on each 9-week marking period:

    1. Students must have been regularly promoted and must maintain a quarterly grade point average of 2.0 or above on a 4.0 scale. Middle school students must pass 5 out of 6 classes.
    2. Students may receive no more than one “U” in conduct.
    3. Failure to meet requirements makes the student-athlete ineligible for contests for the entire next nine weeks. This will take effect as of report card issue date.
    4. Any athlete who is suspended for school will be immediately dismissed from the team.
    5. Any athletes who accumulates two or more unexcused absences from practices or competitions may be dismissed from the team.
    6. All athletes are expected to wear proper athletic attire for practice (tee shirt, athletic shorts and appropriate athletic shoes).
    7. All athletes must be 15 years old or less prior to August 18, 2020.
    8. Please visit Register My Athlete Online to complete your registration and submit all the necessary documentations. 


    Sport Coach Season Announcement/Final Standing

    Girls' Soccer

      April - May

    Informational Meeting: Tuesday, March 30th

    Boys' Soccer

      April - May

    Informational Meeting: Tuesday, March 30th

    Girls' Basketball

      March - April

    Feb. 22nd - Feb. 26th

    March 11th - April 22nd

    Boys' Basketball

      March - April

    Feb. 17th - Feb 23rd

    March 11th - April 22nd


      March - April TBA

    Girls Volleyball

      December  - Feb. CANCELED

    Boys Volleyball

      December - Feb. CANCELED

    Girls Flag FB

      February - March

     Februay 1th - March 9th

    Boys Flag FB

      February - March Februay 1th - March 9th


      March - April

    Tryout Schedule

    April, 2021

    Girls Track

      March - April

    April 12th - May, 2021

    Regionals - Mary 3rd - 6th 

    Champions: May 10th

    Boys Track

      March - April

    April 12th - May, 2021

    Regionals - Mary 3rd - 6th 

    Champions: May 10th 

    Cross Country

      April - May  TBA


      April - May April 12th - May 17th

    A completed & signed permission slip and proof of insurance (copy of insurance card required) in order to try-out for any sport/team. Pick up permission slips in the cafeteria during all lunches. Try-out attire consists of a t-shirt, shorts, and football cleats. If selected for the team, an FGMS PE Uniform will be required for practices.

    All participants must fill out a permission and physical form turn it in on your designated tryout date. No form, No Try-Out! Forms are located in the front office and Mr. Dorfman's room - 415.


  • Soccer Announcements

    Congratulations to our 2020-2021 Soccer Players!

    FGMS BOYS SOCCER TEAM 2020 - 2021: Christian Arango, Angel Castillo, Malachi Gordon, Fernando Henrice, Camden Hulse, Ethan Josaphat, Thanakrit Lakieo, Jael Mattos, Nico Morando, Caio Palhano, Ethan Perez, David Puello, Anthony Rodriguez, Brayden Sorge, Timothy Stamper, and William Urena.  

    FGMS GIRLS SOCCER TEAM 2020 - 2021: Anna Austin, Khaleel Banton, Emily Black, Kelsey Dunkes, Julie Gobiatti,  Samantha Goldman, Sofia Hernandez, Jayda Johnson, Sofia Palhano, Omyah Schultz, and Emily Stoner.

    Please report to Turtle Run Park on Monday, April 12th for practice.  Practice will be over at 5:15 pm made sure that your ride is on time. 

  • Basketball Announcements

    FGMS Boys Basketball Team 2020 - 2021: Deion Andrew, Jonathan Chalmers, Jevah Cherrin, Tony de la Cruz, Nirel Early, Najee Freeman, Jelani Joseph, Haani Khadiyawala, Andrew Nowak, Gregory Pritchard, Leander Suazo, Sam Val, Trey Wright and Taije Spencer .

    FGMS Girls Basketball Team 2020 - 2021: Kailey Bigwood, Trinety Dajuste, Sofia Dasilva, Amelina Garcia, Kiyah Ingham, Savannah Jones, Sarah Kenney, Chase Lawerence, Nethania Noel-Juene, Jaylah Ross and Jakaila Smith

  • Flag Football Announcements

    FGMS Boys and Girls Flag Football Team 2020 - 2021:Jeffery Belizaire, Drelyn Bell, Brandon Bush, Jonathan Chalmers, Andrew Do, Nirel Earley, Julian Horner, Carson Lawrence, Mason Lewis, Joshua Norelus, Caio Palhano, Mason Salom and Taije Spencer.

    FGMS Boys and Girls Flag Football Team 2020 - 2021: Amelia Dixon, Eri'yunnah French, Jayla Hawkins, Sofia Palhano, and Jaylah Ross.


  • Track & Field Announcements

    Congratulations Wildcats!!

    FGMS Boys & Girls Track Team 2020 - 2021:

    Boys: Jeffrey Belizaire, Brandon Bush, Matthew Campbell, Matthew Crescenzo, Andrew Diaz, Joel Grace, Gregory Hamilton, Jilian Horney, Jesa'Iah Johnson, Taige Spencer, Jesiah Timmons, Edwin Pina Torrez, Preston Wiggins, Ryon Williams, Lucas Wills, 
    Girls: Anisamarie Bagley, Jaycie Cancienne, Sofia Evans, Caylee Gillard, Sanaai Glenn, Kiara Hampton, Jayla Pacheco, Jada Wiggins, and Brianna Williams