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    The AP program is a nationally recognized, successful strategy for introducing students to the challenges of college-level coursework, while they are still in high school. The AP program,

    • is structured so that high schools can offer college level work in up to 38 courses covering 20 subject areas,
    • provides an opportunity for students enrolled in AP courses and others who have completed related honors courses or studied independently to be tested on a level similar to college course standards, and
    • provides voluntary staff development for AP teachers through consultants, workshops, and publications by College Board staff.

    Examinations are scored on a scale ranging from one to five (1: no recommendation, 2: possibly qualified, 3: qualified, 4: well qualified, and 5: extremely well qualified). Higher education institutions worldwide award college credit or advanced placement to students for AP coursework, with each college or university deciding which AP examination scores and courses will be accepted. Most higher education institutions grant credit and/or advanced placement for AP scores of 3 or better. Therefore, the standard for competency has been defined as a score of 3 or above.

    BCPS students enrolled in AP courses are required under School Board Policy 6000.1 to participate in the AP examination. Students who believe they will be successful on the AP examinations based on participation in other rigorous academic curriculum, such as International Baccalaureate (IB) classes, may sit for the examination(s) even though they are not enrolled in AP courses. Examination dates are determined by the College Board and are scheduled in May. Districts may not modify administration dates.

    Advanced Placement (AP) is a nationally recognized program which provides high school students with the opportunity to enroll in college level courses. A review of data reveals that an increased number of high schools are offering the full complement of Advanced Placement core courses either on-site or via distance learning opportunities.


    • English Language & Composition
    • English Literature & Composition
    • Biology
    • Calculus AB
    • Calculus BC
    • Chemistry
    • Environmental Science
    • French Language & Culture
    • Human Geography
    • Music Theory
    • Physics 2
    • Psychology
    • Spanish Language & Culture
    • Statistics
    • Studio Art 2-D Design
    • Studio Art Drawing
    • US Government & Politics
    • US History
    • World History

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    Resources for Students & Parents in Advanced Placement Courses

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