• Broward College Dual Enrollment/Early Admission Spring Term 2021

    Please Note: This information is for continuing students only!

    Broward College has launched a NEW Dual Enrollment/Early Admission Online Recommendation Form that is only available on your BC One Access account.  This is a 3-part process (Student, Parent, Counselor) that must be completed by Thursday, October 1st.  See below for how to access the new Dual Enrollment Recommendation Form.

    • Go to broward.edu/dual.
    • Click on the tile for Students.
    • Scroll down to HOW TO GET STARTED. Choose the tab for your school type.
      1. New students should start with Step 1.
      2. Continuing students should start with Step 3.
    • Under Step 3 click on the link for Dual Enrollment Recommendation Form.
    • You will be prompted to log into your BC One Access Account and fill out your Dual Enrollment Recommendation Form.

     Student Responsibility

    • You will complete the steps above to access the online Dual Enrollment Recommendation Form.
    • Complete the Student Sections as required.
    • Spring Term Course Requests for DE courses at PBHS (Avery, Blanco, Melillo, Shipe)
      • If you are currently enrolled in ENC1101 (12th Grade), add ENC1102 to your form.
      • If you are currently enrolled in ENC1101 (11th Grade), add AML2020 to your form.
      • If you are currently enrolled in LIT2120, add ENC1102 to your form.
      • If you are currently enrolled in MAC1105, add MAC1140 to your form.
    • Spring Term Course Requests for DE/EA courses at BC
      • Be sure to add a minimum of 4 and maximum of 8 course requests to the student portion of the form.
      • Email your School Counselor for discussion and academic planning.
    • Press “Submit” for your form to be sent to your parent’s email address. Be sure that you have communicated with your parent in advance regarding the receipt of the email that requires their electronic signature.
    • Assist your parent in locating the Parent Guide for their portion of the online form.
    • Email your School Counselor once you have confirmed that both the Student and Parent Sections of the form have been submitted.

    Parent Responsibility

    • Locate the Parent Guide at broward.edu/dual.
    • Complete the Parent Section of the Dual Enrollment Recommendation Form that requires your electronic signature.
    • Press “Submit”.

     Counselor Responsibility

    • Counselors will complete the approval portion of the DE Recommendation Form in order of receipt in the Dynamic Forms System.
    • Counselors will then submit forms to Broward College for entry.

    What happens next?

    1. Your DE Online Recommendation Form must be completed by you and approved by your parent, no later than Thursday, October 1st at 3 PM. Then your counselor will be able to view and approve it online.
    2. Once your parent, counselor and BC have approved your form, you will receive an email (in your BC account) with confirmation of your 8 possible approved courses for Spring Term.
    3. Register for your class(es) through your BC account. The date you may begin registering is October 28th, 2020.  You do not need to register for DE courses taken at PBHS.
    4. Do not schedule BC classes that interfere with your PBHS schedule! Fully online, Friday and weekend classes are also permitted.
    5. Students must submit a copy of their BC schedule to their school counselor. Retrieve schedule from MyBC>Registration>MySchedule. Save as a PDF and email to your counselor.