• Registration Procedures for ONLINE Classes


     1. Go to www.flvs.net

     2. Select “Sign Up For A Course”

    3. Choose “New Students Start Here”

    4. Select: I Live In Florida

    Choose A County - select “Broward County Public Schools”

    Choose A Student Type – Select “Public/Charter School Student”

    Click Continue

    5. Browse Course Catalog and Select the High School level class you want to take and

    which segment - part 1 (1st  semester) - part 2 (2nd  semester) or Both

    6. Click on “Select A District Franchise ” and choose “Broward Virtual School

    (See below) and choose your start date. Only select Florida Virtual School if the class

    you want to take is NOT  offered at Broward Virtual School.

    7. Select the reason you are taking the class and where you will be taking it.

    8. At this point you should see the class listed in your “backpack” – click continue

    9. Follow online prompts to create your personal account and Parent/Guardian Account

    (parent must approve your class). Complete all sections including all Commitment

    Sections . Be sure to list Pompano Beach High as your “physical school” in your

    Academic Profile.

    10. Once your registration is complete, Pompano Beach High must approve the

    course you have selected. Your counselor is notified by BVS/FLVS to approve your

    course (you do not have to tell them to approve it), if everything is OK you will be

    assigned a teacher and they will contact you through your email account with

    instructions on how to begin. If there is a problem with the class you have selected,

    your Guidance Counselor will contact you directly.

    Suggested Courses

    .5 Credit Courses:

    Law Studies

    Psychology I

    Reading for College Success

    Critical Thinking & Study Skills

    Parenting Skills

    Personal & Family Finance

    Social Media I