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                                              Literature in Film

    The students have been reading about fairy tales and legends, completing

    activities related to fairy tales and legends and  watching films in order

    to do comparison and contrast writing. We will be doing different genres

    in much the same way including horror stories and film, mythology and film,

    and sports legends and film.  We are reinforcing the reading and writing connection. 

                                       Science Fiction

                        Science Fiction

    Students will explore the world of possibilities; what might the future hold?

    What might happen in a post-apocalyptic world? How will technology continue to change our lives?

    Is there other life in the universe? Do you love to read, or hope to strengthen your reading skills?

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                              Friendship Literature


    Students will read from a variety of genres discussing the meaning of friendship and qualities of a good friend.

    They will also delve into the genre of mythology to read exciting stories of courage and friendship.

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                   Romeo & Juliet

    The purpose of this course is to introduce you to the works of William Shakespeare.

    Throughout the course, we will read the abridged version of several of his most important plays -

    Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Macbeth.

    The course will focus on developing your knowledge of idioms and figurative language as well

    as increasing students’ vocabulary, fluency, and reading comprehension skills.

    Class Work   Class Work   Class Work  

     Class Work Class Work


                                 Mystery Literature

                            Mystery Literature

    This literature course is designed to challenge all students and to develop

    their college and career readiness. This course aligns with the Common Core

    Standards and will focus on reading, writing, speaking, viewing, listening,

    media literacy and language use. In this class, our primary focus is the Mystery genre.

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