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    Art Elective

    The elective Art class strives to extend the attitude of learning to the world we live in! Students are encouraged to see the world through the details of perspectives, proportions, movements, colors, shapes and a deeper appreciation of their interpretative impact on the reality constructed. It’s the merging of all these qualities and skills in a finished product that gives Art its true meaning. Art mimics life!


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    Students take an inquiry-based approach to exploring, researching, and analyzing works of art across time and cultures. Through the study of art exemplars and project-based activities, students learn to identify the functions, forms, media, styles of art, cultural ideas, and themes related to a variety of time periods and geographical places, and will express their own interpretations in a variety of ways. The course lays a foundation for the art criticism process, examining and comparing how artists have solved visual problems and made meaning across time, place, and culture. Career options related to art history and criticism are also explored. This course incorporates hands-on activities and consumption of art materials. Mrs. Liuget

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    This year core concepts will encourage the artist to conceptualize and create art based on theories covering the elements of color and light and the principle of movement within various genres.  Throughout the course, we will be learning about color theory, the effects to us personally, and those whom we are communicating to through our art. Light and how it can be used to create depth, as well as producing mood and tone to a piece. Lastly, we will focus on movement, learning ways we as artist’s can leads our audience's eyes around a composition to create visual interest and excitement.  The course will also encompass constructing artwork using the mediums of paper, clay, paint and various other materials to create pieces that express the themes studied. 

    Project-based learning will be an intragyral part of the course and will help the students learn to work collaboratively with others while completing an assigned task.  Students will be required to complete projects and include a project in quarterly Pines Middle School Art Gallery Exhibits.  

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