• Leader in MEEducation is meant to develop children's individual abilities and help them make their way in the world. The more standardized it becomes, the more it overlooks their real talents and stifles their creativity, curiosity, and appetite for learning. If we're to help children flourish, we must think differently about what they are capable of achieving and the schools they really need. The Leader in Me is full of uplifting examples of how this can be done, It sets out a transformative process that is rooted in inspiring ideas about children's- and- teacher's- real capacities, and it's supported by the practical experiences of schools around the world. The Leader in Me shows that the leadership we need to transform education is not outside our schools but within them, and especially in the children themselves." 

    Sir Ken Robinson, International Advisor on Education

    At Park Ridge, we utilize the principles and practices in the Leader in Me program to help guide our students to be self-directed learners and leaders. With a school-wide philosophy that focuses on the belief that our students are capable of being a leader, our students grow to see their own importance and discover their true potential.