• Prices for School High School Lunch and Breakfast

    All cafeteria prices will remain the same for the 2018/19 school year.  Breakfast is FREE for ALL students

    breakfast   FREE
    lunch  $2.50
    breakfast   $1.80
    lunch  $2.75

    The current cost for a pint of milk is 50¢ and ice cream is 65¢.  

    In additon to the menu listed on the calendars, we offer:

    • Breakfast: cereal, biscuit fruit juice and milk.  Tuesday and Thursday: yogurt parfait.

    • Lunch: Fresh Fruit & Canned Fruit Toss Salads, Juice & Milk, Vegan - Black & Beans and Rice, Variety of Pre-Packed Salads, Pizzas, and Hot & Cold Sandwiches.

    Managing your Meal Account

    • Payments for student meal accounts can be made on-line by registering at MySchoolBucks.com. There is a Help Desk line for assistance: 1-855-832-5226.  You will need the student FSI number to enroll.
    • Students are not allowed to share meal numbers. This is strictly prohibited. All students are assigned a unique meal number. If for any reason a student does not know their number or can't remember it they can ask the cafeteria manager or a cashier to look their number up for them. There should be no reason for a student to ask to use another students number.

    Free or Reduced Meals

    All families are encouraged to complete the online Multi-Child Application for Meal Benefits at www.myschoolapps.com.  If you have any questions or need additional information regarding the on-line meal application, please contact the Food and Nutrition Services department at 754-321-0250 or view their site at Free or Reduced Meals.

    Additionally, throughout July and August 2017, the Food and Nutrition Services department will provide school based assistance to families in completing the online meal application form for the upcoming school year.  Please see the  Mobil Unit Schedule to determine times and locations.
    For the most current information, please check the School Board of Broward County's Food and Nutrition website.

    Policies Regarding Cash Transactions in the Cafeteria

    • The Cafeteria staff can only accept $50 OR $100 bills as a DEPOSIT into a students meal account. These bills CAN NOT be used for purchases with cash back. NO CHANGE CAN BE GIVEN FOR THESE BILLS.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
    • We can accept smaller denominations, such as $20 and $10 FOR PURCHASES ONLY. Students must buy something in order to get change.
    • There is also NO CHARGING OR LENDING OF ANY MONEY between staff and students.


    Cafeteria Inspection Report May 2017

    Cafeteria Inspection Report October 2017

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