• Mathematics Department Website

    Access the Math Department Resources through the link above. Your teacher may instruct you to visit this site to access valuable review materials for the PERT, EOC, and/or Midterm/Final Review Assignments.

    ONLINE RESOURCES: The Mathematics Department at Charles W. Flanagan High School leverages many learning platforms to enrich our students’ understanding and practice with mathematics content.  Your teacher may integrate one or all of the following learning platforms.  Make sure you know how to access and are registered for each of these valuable resources.

    Math Nation: (EOC Classes Only) Find video lessons, practice tests and discussion board help for every topic in your EOC class. Access Math Nation from your single sign on page on the Broward SSO Website or download the application to your smartphone.

    NEW! for Algebra 1, if you choose “JOSE” as your video tutor, he teaches the lesson in Spanish while integrating English vocabulary words to help you learn the English language while learning the math specific content.

    USA Test Prep: (Account: flanagan50) Join your teacher’s class to access your assignments.

    Khan Academy: Great resource for SAT/PSAT, and topic specific practice.  There is a (Spanish Version click here) you can access by clicking the link.  

    If your teacher uses Khan Academy to enhance your skills practice, they will provide you with a code to register to their Khan Academy class. Ask your teacher for their "coach" code to access practice questions and tutorial videos for the class in which you are enrolled.  See the directions below for directions on how to add your teacher as a “coach”.

    Canvas: Access your Canvas course from your single sign on page on the Broward SSO Website (https://sso.browardschools.com) or download the Canvas Student application to your smartphone.


    Mathematics Teachers (Organized by Course Taught)

    Department Chair: Brown

    Liberal Arts 1
    Ciani, Giancarlo

    Algebra 1
    Brown, Cook, Giancarlo

    Brown, Dewey, Hermosilla, Torres, Wolniewicz

    Algebra 2
    Cook, Graf, Vrabel, Wolniewicz

    Dual Enrollment, AP, Statistics, Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry & Advanced Functions
    Cramer, Deroux, Martin, Torres, Vrabel