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    Digital Media Tech (pdf) - CAPE Academy

    • Level 1: Digital Media Fundamentals Honors

      • Digital Media Fundamentals teaches technology skills in a hands-on manner emphasizing real-life applications of the technology. This course teaches how to get started with digital media, including digital photography graphic design.
    • Level 2: Digital Media Production Systems Honors

      • This course introduces students to the digital video and audio authoring environments, equipment, and software applications.  Content includes management aspects of creating, saving, and distributing digital assets.

    • Level 3: Digital Media Delivery Systems Honors

      • This course furthers knowledge of the digital video and audio delivery media and associated protocols.  Content includes technical aspects of evolving and emerging technologies used in the delivery of digital content.

    • Level 4: Advanced Digital Media Honors

      • This course covers advanced technologies and environments typical in robust digital media applications, including live and pre-recorded scenarios.

    Certifications: Adobe Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC, Animate CC, Premier Pro CC, Dreamweaver CC
    Students passing these certifications will meet their state online course requirement.

    Adobe Animate CC and Adobe Dreamweaver CC may also count as a non-EOC math or science credit if needed. Note: by using one of these Adobe applications as a non-EOC math or science credit may not make the student eligible for a 4 year university. 

    Program Coordinator: Ms. Fuller

    Engineering Pathways 9400300 (pdf) - CAPE Academy

    • Level 1: Introduction to Engineering Design Honors

    • Level 2: Principles of Engineering Honors

    • Level 3: Computer Integrated Manufacturing Honors

    • Level 4: Engineering Design and Development Honors

    Certifications: Autcad User, Solidworks User, MasterCam

    Students passing the Autocad User certifications will meet their state online course requirement.

    Program Coordinator: Mr. Medisch

    Game Simulation Programming (pdf)  CAPE Academy

    • Level 1: Game Simulation Programming Foundations Local Honors

    • Level 2a: Game Simulation Design Local Honors

    • Level 2b: Game Simulation Programming Honors

    • Level 3: Multi-User Gaming Honors

    Certifications: Microsoft Technology Associate; Javascript, Python, HTML5 & CSS3, etc.

    Program Coordinator: Ms. Butka

    Hospitality & Tourism (pdf) CAPE Academy

    • Level 1: Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism

    • Level 2: Technology for Hospitality & Tourism

    • Level 3: Hospitality & Tourism Marketing Management Honors

    • Level 4: Hospitality & Tourism Internship

    Certifications: Microsoft Office Specialist (Word, PowerPoint, Excel or Outlook), Adobe InDesign, & ServSafe

    Program Coordinator: Ms. Matarasso

    Marketing Management (pdf) CAPE Academy

    • Level 1: Marketing Essentials

    • Level 2: Marketing Applications

    • Level 3: Marketing Management

    Certifications: Microsoft Office Specialist (Word, PowerPoint, Excel or Outlook), Adobe InDesign, & Adobe Dreamweaver

    Program Coordinator: Mr. Kennedy

    CAPE - Secondary

    The Florida Career and Professional Education Act was created to provide a statewide planning partnership between business and education communities, to expand and retain high-value industry, and sustain a vibrant state economy.

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