• Guidance Department 



    The guidance and counseling program at BMV takes a proactive approach to working with students to reach their highest potential as lifelong learners. Our guidance program consists of four major components:

    Guidance Curriculum
    Individual Planning
    Systems Support
    Responsive Services

    Please click on the attached file to find out about our guidance program at Beachside Montessori Village.

    Meet your guidance team

                                            Esta Ross   (Lower School)                 School Counselor
                                           Philip Turturro   (Upper School)          School Counselor

    Aimee Dolan                                   ESE Specialist



    Social- emotional Learning (SEL) – 5 competencies 

    Self Awareness 

    Self Management – knowing how to behave 

    Social Awareness – outside your own environment – how to fit in 

    Relationship Skills - getting along with others

    Responsible decision making – making the right choices