• Coaching Staff 



    Soccer Coaches

    Boys - Mr. Christian Lindo

    Girls - Mr. Danny Gurtov


    Cross Country Coaches

    Boys/Girls - Mr. Ryan Haas


    Golf Coach

    Boys/Girls - Mr. Clasrence Hinkins


    Basketball Coaches

    Boys - Mr. Stuart Bacon

    Girls - Mr. Mike Conrad


    Cheerleading Coach

    Ms. Dale Parrish


    Volleyball Coaches

    Boys - Ms. Regina Lendinara

    Girls - Mrs. Staci Hill


    Flag Football Coaches

    Boys Mr. Chris Cochran

    Girls - Mr. Matthew Gray


    Track and Field Coaches

    Mr. Wade Brosz

    Ms. Ana Escobar

    Ms. Regina Lendinara



    • Practice for each sport may be before or after school, but not on weekends.

    • There are admissions costs for basketball and volleyball games.

    • Home games for football and soccer are not at Indian Ridge.