The Office of Career and Technical Education (CTE) manages programs for middle school, high school, district technical school and Florida College System students throughout Florida. Each career preparatory program is reviewed by career-specific business and industry members on a three-year cycle to ensure the program remains relevant in today’s market.

    CTE is a cost-effective way for students to start a career in as little as one or two years of school!

    High School
    • CTE courses contain rigorous academic curriculum and performance standards and may be designated Level 3, the same as honors courses.
    • Some courses count toward science, practical arts or economics credits required for high school graduation.
    • Many CTE students earn industry certifications, which make them more employable.
    • Industry certifications may be used to earn college credits and meet requirements for high school graduation.
    • Students who take at least three courses in a program may be eligible for the Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars Award.

    Source: http://www.fldoe.org/core/fileparse.php/5652/urlt/CTE_brochure_online.pdf


    The Florida Career and Professional Education Act (CAPE) was created to provide a statewide planning partnership between business and education communities, to expand and retain high-value industry, and sustain a vibrant state economy.

    South Plantation currently has 11 CTE and CAPE Academies:

    • Computer Science
    • Web Development (CAPE)
    • Game Simulation/Animation Programming (CAPE)
    • Technology Support Services (CAPE)
    • Engineering Pathways (CAPE)
    • Allied Health Assisting (CAPE)
    • Culinary Arts (CAPE)
    • Horticulture Science and Services (CAPE)
    • Animal Science and Services
    • Marketing Management and Entrepreneur Principles (CAPE)

    Each CTE and CAPE Academy has industry certification(s) - For a list of certifications, visit Broward's CTACE Department

    For a list of courses: South Plantations CTE/CAPE course progression