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  • Letter from a current student:

    When I look back upon this year, I see a theme of change. This year was the inaugural year of this fine program and as such there were many bumps to be ironed out. At first, no one really knew what to do. The projects were confusing, and there was no structure. ... This year, we all thought we knew what we were heading into when we started, and we ultimately created something that we couldn't have possibly predicted. Everyday, I looked forward to coming to school specifically for Pathways. I've made new friends, discovered new ways to learn, and made connections with my teachers which I hope to maintain into next year.

    Save for my face-to-face classes, I no longer feel and have to suppress the urge to skip class (not that I've ever skipped before).

    I want to personally thank Ms. Oddone for being there when I had needed help and for letting me go to the 260 office. I wanna thank Ms. Smith for talking to Mr. Molaka on my behalf when I had issues and for rooting me on to take the A.P. US History exam, even though I was only in U.S. History Honors, which I ultimately didn't take. I wanna also thank Mr. Lewis for being such a good help for me in pre-calculus when the PowerPoints weren't enough. Lastly, I wanna thank Mr. Mazzara for believing in me when I was at my lowest.

    There are too many of you students to thank individually, but I also want to thank you for being great friends. Without this program my life would have been much more boring and unadventurous. Thank you all for this wonderful program. I know that next year will be very different, with 2 new teachers, many students leaving, and new students coming in, but I look forward to adapting and making new friends and allies next year. Thank you.

    -Michael, Grade 11

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  • The Pathways Mural painted by students.

    Pathways mural painted by students.


    Ms Oddone, Ms Rodriguez, and Michael

    Ms. Oddone, Mrs. Rodriguez and Michael at Launching of Museum of Science App
    created by internship students

  • The program will intentionally connect classroom experiences to the "real world" through internships that will be provided in a variety of areas. Students will be provided the opportunity to earn industry credentials which they may use toward colleges or schools who have articulation agreements.

    Students will have the opportunity to earn industry certifications that will earn them Cape Scholarships for College.

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