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  • Student Success

    Be Accountable
    How is one expected to be accountable at school? You may ask yourself, what can I do?  
    Well, here are some examples that will help you succeed. 

    • Follow dress code
    • Display positive interaction
    • Carrying all belongings needed for school

    Use these examples on how to be accountable and you will help ensure your success. 

    Be Responsible
    All students are expected to be responsible at school. You may ask yourself, what does this mean?  Here are some examples that will help you succeed.  
    • Arrive on time 
    • During the classroom period, leave and enter class with a pass 
    • If approved to park on campus, use only assigned student parking areas

    Following this simple expectation of being responsible and the listed examples can help ensure your success.

    Display Self-Control

    How is one expected to display self-control at school? You may ask yourself, how can I do that? Here are some examples that will help you succeed. 

    • Comply with instructions and directions 
    • Accept boundaries of others in hallways
    • Move to class quickly without delay

    Use these examples in displaying self-control and you will help ensure your success. 

  • Bell Schedule

    Pompano Beach High School Bell Schedule   2021 – 2022 

    First Bell 7:00AM

    First/Fifth Block 7:05AM – 8:59AM

    Second/Sixth Block 9:04AM – 10:58AM

    Third/Seventh Block 11:03AM – 1:32PM 

    A Lunch 11:03AM – 11:33AM
    Class 11:38AM – 1:32PM 

    Class 11:03AM – 12:57PM
    B Lunch 1:02PM – 1:32PM 

    Fourth/Eighth Block 1:37PM – 3:31PM 

    (114 mins) 

    Teacher Hours 6:55AM – 4:06PM 

    Download Schedule Flyer

  • Summer Reading Information

    Summer Reading

    Summer Reading: Dive Into Learning
    Making Time to Read Over Summer Vacation
    Go to this Sway

     Pompano Beach High School shows its commitment to literacy by

     encouraging each of our students to read this summer.
    We know that reading enhances learning in every subject area by providing background knowledge, expanding vocabulary, and stimulating thinking.

    Be sure to read the summer reading project requirements in the links below. Every student is expected to participate. English teachers will grade the projects when students return to school in August.

    If you have any questions, please contact us at 754-322-2000.

    Have a wonderful, literate summer!

    Freshman 2022_2023

    Rising 10th Grade

    New to PBHS 10th  Grade Book choices

    English 3H

    English 4H

    AP English Language

    AP English Literature

    Dual Enrollment ENC1101

Road to Success

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