(Re. SB Policy 5.5)

    Effective 2016-2017 School Year, the PBHS Attendance Policy will adhere to the School Board Policy, which states:

    All students are required to attend school every day of the 180-day school year or the equivalent on an hourly basis pursuant to the state board of education. Parents are responsible for their child's daily school attendance. Poor academic performance is associated with non-attendance.

    Unless acceptable documentation is presented/submitted, an accumulation of daily absences (excused or unexcused), by tardiness, or early sign-outs that equal 5 days (30 hours) in a marking period or 10 days within two marking periods may establish a pattern of non-attendance.

    If the student exhibits a pattern of non-attendance, principals may request documentation for subsequent absences. Non-attendance is established by tardiness, early sign-outs, or absences for all of any part of the day.

    The interventions may include, but need not be limited to:

         *Changes in the learning environment

         *Placement into different classes

         *Evaluation for alternative education programs

         *Attendance contracts

         *Referral to other agencies for family interventions or social work services

    ***Parents have two days (48 hours) in which to report, the day before, the day of, and the day after the absence. You may call 754-322-2002, send an email or fill out a form.

    Tardy Policy Tardiness is disruptive to the learning environment and can have a negative impact on student achievement. Habitual tardiness is defined by Broward County Schools as: a consistent/repeated failure (five or more times in a marking period) to be in place of instruction at the assigned time. The following consequences apply each nine-week period to UNEXCUSED tardies to any period.

    • Fifth Tardy = Verbal Warning
    • Sixth Tardy = Multiple Detentions
    • Seventh Tardy and beyond = Friday Detention

    Late Sign In and Early Sign Out Policy All students are required to be properly signed in with the School Counseling Office before reporting to class if arriving after 7:08AM. Students must sign out in the Front Office if leaving campus before 2:45PM. In order to maintain high academic standards, students will only be allowed to sign out with parent permission.  No sign-outs will be permitted after 2:45PM. 

    IMPORTANT: If a student will be driving themselves, the guardian must send an email containing the student's name, the guardian's name, reason for sign out, time of sign out and a picture of the guardian's drivers license to - erika.rodriguez@browardschools.com or - Luz.waldon@browardschools.com. Also, the student MUST come down and sign out in the front office.


    For attendance questions please contact Ms. Luz Walton at luz.walton@browardschools.com.

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