• Welcome to the TTMS Dual Language Program!!     

    Tequesta Trace offers the opportunity for students to pursue a Dual Language education in English and Spanish. The program is based on the philosophy of the transfer of skills from one language to another.  

    Benefits of a Dual Language Program

    • Students need to meet the demands of today’s global society and economic opportunities.
    • Prepares students for college and career readiness.
    • Develops higher-order thinking skills as students learn a second language.
    • Knowledge learned through one language facilitates acquisition of the second language.
    • Responds to parental desire for dual language programs.
    • Students’ benefit from cognitive advantages associated with second language acquisition.
    • Promotes multicultural awareness and appreciation for other languages and cultures.

    If you have any questions about the program, please contact:


    Mr. Richard Gonzalez richard.gonzalez@browardschools.com 

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