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    Magnet Programs are open to qualified students on a countywide basis. All Broward County resident students entering grades K-12 are eligible to apply. Students must be five years old by September 1, 2011 to enter kindergarten. All students will demonstrate good conduct. At the secondary level, academic/talent entrance criteria have been established for admission to each Magnet Program as a means of promoting student success.

    The School Board of Broward County is committed to providing settings for education that promote understanding of diversity, tolerance and fair play, so that the positive tenets of a democratic society are reinforced by what students experience in schools. In the Broward County Public Schools, diversity is broadly defined to include students of different genders, of different racial and ethnic backgrounds, of various socioeconomic circumstances, those who speak English as a second language, and those who have exceptional and special needs.


    Applicants applying to elementary who have a sibling (brother, sister, half-brother, half-sister, stepbrother or stepsister, living in the same household) attending the Magnet School, and who will continue to attend that school the next year, will be placed in the Magnet School on a space available basis prior to placement of other applicants. Siblings must apply to a Magnet School in order to be considered. Applications must be submitted by the Wednesday, February 11, 2015 deadline for sibling priority placement.

    Health and Wellness

    Driftwood Middle School, The Academy of Health and Wellness has been a magnet school since 1996.  Driftwood was the first Health and Wellness magnet in the nation.  Since the magnet’s inception, Driftwood has received numerous state, regional and national recognition’s.  Since 2001, Driftwood has been recognized as a National Magnet School of Distinction five of the last six years.  In 2001-2002 Driftwood Middle was named the Model Middle School Physical Education Program in the State of Florida.  Faculty members have been invited to present their curriculums and programs at over 20 national, regional, and state educational conferences.  Also in 2001-2002 Driftwood was named one of eight schools in the State of Florida to become a Coordinated School Health Pilot Program School.  Along with this honor Driftwood received a $25,000.00 grant to implement health-related programs for students and staff.  Driftwood has also been designated as a National Showcase School for Polar Electro, Inc., the makers of educational wellness technologies.

    As a school-wide magnet Driftwood is proud to offer its curriculum to all students in the school, not just those that apply from outside of the boundary.  As the program has evolved, Driftwood is committed to offering classes that address all aspects of wellness not just physical.  Students in the Academy of Health and Wellness prepare for careers in preventative and managed health care, personal fitness training, environmental wellness, nutritional counseling, sports medicine and recreation.  The Academy of Health and Wellness brings together the benefits of a traditional curriculum with all the aspects of wellness including physical, emotional, social, mental, cultural and environmental wellness.  In addition to traditional classes in Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies and Reading, students at Driftwood are offered a unique opportunity to take classes designed to examine the importance of developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

    Wellness technology has been the foundation of our exciting program.  Students in physical education use Polar Heart Rate Monitor watches during classes.  These watches allow students to monitor their heart rate during activity.  Students know the importance of staying in their own individual target heart rate zone during their activity time in order to receive maximum health benefits.  Students exercise information can be downloaded and printed out and placed in their portfolios.  Students in our Fitness Enrichment, Exercise Prescription and Wellness Education classes use computerized fitness assessment machines to measure their current fitness levels.  Information is stored in these networked computers and saved from year to year.  Each year the students re-measure their fitness levels and receive a print out comparing their scores from one year to the next.  In the stress management portion of their Cooperative Games classes, students learn a technique called Freeze-Framing.  This technique is part of the HeartMath tools that teach the students a physiological response to stress.  During instruction students use laptop computers to help learn the Freeze-Frame technique.

    The use of advanced technologies, as mentioned above, is the reason Driftwood was the first recipient of the FAHPERD Technology in Physical Education Award.  Students at Driftwood are excited about the magnet theme of Health and Wellness.  Our theme classes are offered through our elective program.  With the help of special funding through the Magnet Programs Office, classes offered as part of the Exploratory Wheel have only 15-20 students in each class.