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    Reading Tips for Parents of Middle School Students

    Help your child see that reading is important. Set a good example for your child by reading books, newspapers, and magazines. Talk about what you are reading.

    Read and discuss newspaper and magazine articles. An article beside the breakfast bowl can provide a great alternative to the usual, routine conversations!

    Turn the television off at least once a week and read as a family. Discuss what everyone is reading.

    If your child has an assigned reading, try to read the same book so you can have meaningful discussions about the story. If your child is struggling to complete an assigned reading, try taking turns listening to him/her read, and reading aloud to your child, checking frequently for understanding.

    Ask your child about reading strategies he/she has learned at school. Have your child use these strategies when reading at home.

    Write notes recognizing your child’s accomplishments. A little praise can go a long way!

    Reward progress with a trip to the bookstore to select a special book.