• Broward County Public School Social and Emotional Learning

    Are you concerned about your student's social and emotional learning?


    When the benefits of SEL is considered, students show:

    • 23% improvement in social and emotional skills
    • Have an 11% improvement in achievement test scores

    For more information go to the BCPS Social and Emotional Learning Webpage.

    If you are interested in receiving support and information, please contact:

  • School Social Work Department

    Provides school and community resources so students can achieve educational success.

    (754) 321-1550

  • School Family Counseling

    Free on-campus individual and family counseling. (Monday-Friday 7:30am-7:30pm)

    (754) 321-1590

  • School Guidance

    Fosters academic achievement, career awareness, personal growth and a positive self-image for students.

    (754) 321-2584


    Multi-agency endeavor designed to support children who are experiencing serious emotional disturbances.

    (754) 321-3421