• Welcome to Testing and Assessment

    Testing Student Testing and Assessment is a department within Hollywood Hills High School.  

    Throughout the year, the Student Assessment arm of the school assists school-based administrators with all aspects of Hollywood Hills High School's and Broward Schools' assessment program including preparing, administering, and reporting of state-required and district tests.  

    The department also provides evaluations that provide knowledge and support to strengthen decision making by the school Principal, school administrators, and the district.  

    The department supports the school mission by:

    • Supporting Hills and the District with timely, actionable testing and assessment data to guide instruction and district wide decision making.
    • Providing and maintaining efficient and secure administration, reporting, and training relative to existing and upcoming state and district mandated assessments.
    • Developing and implementing a robust school-wide accountability system to advance the overall assessment mission.  

    For more information on the testing and assessment mission, visit the Broward County School's Student Assessment and Research Department.