• Girls Basketball

    Welcome to Girls Basketball at Hollywood Hills High School!

    Girls Basketball2 Girls Basketball Hollywood Hills High School Girls Basketball is a growing athletic endeavor at Hills.  Led by Coache Yvette Young, the Lady Spartans continue to improve and challenge traditional powerhouses in district play.  

    The program is based on character development, skill development, and the intrinsic value of competition.  The goal of Lady Spartans Basketball program is to use basketball as a tool to assist young ladies in becoming champions in the classroom, their families and their communities.  Our program is committed to:

    • Academic Achievement
    • Athletic Development
    • Moral Growth

    Come join the Hills Girls Basketball team and learn the skills that make a great basketball player and champion in the classroom and community!  All girls welcome!  Become a Lady Spartan!

    From the Coach

    The girls basketball program at Hollywood Hills is an integral part of the educational curriculum.  It provides opportunities for learning experiences inherent in athletics that are difficult to duplicate in other school activities.  It teaches attitudes of responsible team play and cooperation.  It provides a vehicle for learning mental and physical self-discipline, loyalty, personal pride, pride in the school, respect for the rights of others, and the will to win.

    Of course, we play to win, but most of all, we play for the love of the game and to experience what it means to do one's best...win or lose.  We believe in the power of teamwork and that together we can accomplish more than we ever could alone.

    Mr. Tavirus Davis, Head Coach