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    Wrestling is a sport that has had a tremendous amount of history and success at Hollywood Hills, including team city championships, district and state placers and qualifiers, as well as many individual city, district, and state champs, placers, and qualifiers. We hope to continue the tradition of excellence with the hard work and dedication of our wrestlers and coaching staff.  Our coaches train our wrestlers to succeed with mental toughness and strength and to become the very best they can be.    


    Trophy Presentation To help HHHS student athletes mature into young adults by building a sense of treamwork and accountability through the sport of high school wrestling and to develop their character of mind and body.  The vision of our staff and program is to help our wrestlers develop a sense of team above self, empathy, and the drive to want to wrestle for each other, and for their school and community, not with each other.

    About our Coaches...

    Our coaches understand that it is their responsibility to provide a caring atmosphere, where everybody on the team can experience an individual high level of success, first as a student and then as a wrestler.  This is important because in order to fulfill our mission, it is imperative that first and foremost we help our wrestlers mature into adults who value and exhibit quality character traits such as caring, sportsmanship, accountability, and respect.     

    About our Wrestlers...

    District Runner Up Our wrestlers are expected to be at school every day and to be in class on time.  They carry with them the role of student leader, and a legacy of tradition and academic and athletic excellence.  It is also their responsibility to realize that their actions will leave an impression on the school, the coaching staff, and themselves every day, until they graduate, and after they graduate.    

    As athletes, our wrestlers are expected to be at practice on time every day and to actively assist their wrestler-peers and other student athlete-peers at Hollywood Hills to become the best student-athletes they can be.

    Go Spartans!

  • From the Coach

    Coach Guridi  

    Welcome to Spartan Wrestling!  Hollywood Hills High School Wrestling is more than just an athletic program; it’s a team.  As our Wrestling team matures, we will learn the lessons of teamwork, leadership, and commitment.  As a team, the Spartans will know the importance of rising to the occasion on the mat, in the classroom and in life.  Wrestlers will encompass the values of HHHS to do it the S.P.A.R.T.A.N. Way--with Sportsmanship, Pride, Accountability (to each other and to themselves), Respect, Teamwork, Acceptance (of others and of each other), and Nobility (in character, moral principles, and ideals).  We will train and compete as a team based on core values and skills covering mental, physical and technical aspects of wrestling.   

    Together, we all share a common vision for success--as a program, our vision is to bring a group of student-athletes together, as one, to reach their full potential both as individuals and as a team.  We seek to help our student-athletes mature into young adults by building a sense of community through the sport of high school wrestling--to develop character of mind and body, to help them fulfill their potential of becoming the best wrestling team they can be.  On the mat, our vision is to help wrestlers develop a sense of team above self, empathy, and the drive to want to wrestle for each other, and for their team and school. 

    My mission, and that of my assistant coach, is to create an environment that cultivates teamwork, accountability, and personal responsibility.  We also seek to provide an environment built on trust and strive to lead by example to instill valuable character traits such as a solid work ethic, leadership, and good sportsmanship.

    As members of the wrestling team, we will be a source of pride for Hollywood Hills High School, and the entire Hills student body through our actions and example, both in and away from the wrestling mat.  

    We look forward to bringing out the best in our student athletes.  

    Luis Guridi, Wrestling Coach

    City Championship