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Exercises You Should Do Before Every Run

  • Welcome to Hollywood Hills Cross Country!

    We have an amazing group of athletes that work hard and are committed to maintaining a level of excellence that Hollywood Hills High School Cross Country has become known for.  


    The Goal of the Hills Cross Country team is to build a competitive program that develops dedicated athletes.  To attain this goal our staff will focus on:

    • Providing individualized instruction
    • Promoting life long fitness
    • Competing at a high level
    • Creating a community of runners

    We look forward to an exciting, competitive and rewarding season!


    Being a member of the Hollywood Hills Cross Country Team carries expectations and responsibilities.  For example, we strongly emphasize academic excellence.  We also expect the willingness to devote the time that success demands in the classroom and the sport of cross country.  This is called dedication.  Commitment is also important.  This means doing what is expected of every team member.  Attending team practices every day is one of the commitments we expect.

    Be sure to check out ther links provided on the links menu at left.  It is also highly recommended that you read the "Cornerstones of Training" and "Stretching Routines" under the Running Resources links at right, and that you review the information provided pertaining to diet, safety, and stretching.  The video at right is also a must-see.       


    Remember that children imitate the actions of adults.  If you as a parent are not involved in the program do not expect your child to be.  We have a number of areas that we need parents to give their time and energy in order that we maintain our level of success such as helping with home meets, fundraisers, and driving to practices at school.  In the event of an overnight trip, we welcome chaperones to help watch the athletes at the hotel.  We want our athletes, parents and coaches working together all year long. 

    This program is a lot of fun to be around.  Please make the time to be with our team and make yourself known to the athletes, coaches and other parents. Please feel free to call upon the coaches at anytime.  Without parent support any Cross Country program could not do all the things that need to be done each season.  Parental support is an important contribution to having a successful season! 

  • From the Head Coach

    Mr Cejka

    Future runners, welcome to Hollywood Hills High School.  We are excited to have young ladies and young men that are ready to become part of the winning Spartan Cross Country tradition.  If you are a young man or a young lady that is interested in running cross country for us, please keep in mind that you must have a copy of your current sports physical and other required forms on file at Hollywood Hills or with you when you come to your first conditioning day or practice.  Blank copies of the physicals can also be obtained from the front office secretary at Hills or online at the link provided on the Athletics webpage. Please download these forms or call us as soon as possible so we can start to get you in shape to be successful in our program.

    Training is so important to any great cross country program and it can help prevent injuries during the cross country season.  You can contact me at  Please email or call me if you have any questions about anything--no question is a dumb question.

    What it Takes

    The goal of our coaching staff is to develop team loyalty and individual responsibility and accountability among all our team members.  High School sports are wonderful vehicles for personal growth.  We hope that you, as student-athletes, and your parents, will appreciate this and support our goals.

    Of course, success in Cross Country takes time…time to learn; time to train; time to sleep, rest and recover.  It also takes time after school, weekend time; time away from family and friends; and time away from other interests.  In other others, it takes commitment to the program and your sport.  With the academic responsibilities of being a high school student, most student-athletes are busy all the time.   Success means commitment, while trying to achieve a balance between all things, while aspiring to do well in cross country.  As a coaching staff, we strive to help you balance your time.  We'll help you but most of it is up to you.  

    Mr. John Cejka, Head Coach