Mission Statement

    The purpose of the Coral Springs High School Student Government Association is to representing and serving the needs of the student body through coordinating student activities and charity fundraisers to help the community at large. 

    Sponsor Information:  
    Cassandra Y. Brice Room 204

    Coral Springs High School  

    Student Government Association 

    2020-2021 Executive Board  


    Co-Presidents –     Kristen Russo & Sara Castillo 

    1st Vice President- Riley Reiss 

                            ICC Secretary- Andrea Zabalu 

    2nd Vice President- Sarah Johnson & Schadrac Cherilus 

    3rd Vice President- Michael McFarlin, Jr.  

    Treasurer- Nathaniel Pelton 

    Secretary- Chelsea Borja 

    Historians -  Crystal Thai, Cavana McKenzie & Ashley Camargo 

    Meeting Dates and Location:
    SGA Meets the first Wednesday of Every Month at 2:50pm in the Media Center
    Club Pertinent Information
    Please refer to our website at CSHSSGA.Webs.Com
    (currently under construction)
    Club Requirements
    Any student at CSHS is a member of SGA.  There are no requirements Feel free to attend our monthly general meetings to bring fresh ideas you would like to see happen at CSHS. 
    There are no dues to be in SGA.  
    Traditional Events, 
    Freshman Invasion
    Pig Bowl Tailgate
    Harvest Drive
    Dance Marathon
    Golf Tournament
    Benefits of Membership
    Students will gain a working knowledge of how to meet using Parliamentary Procedures as well as have a say in the planning of school events and events and be a deciding factor when determining what type of community service events and projects we participate in.