Please watch the video to learn more about our  Kindergarten Round-Up.




    All you really need to know you will learn in

    Kindergarten this year…


     Our school year is off to a great start! This month we are learning about

      school rules and our families.


    Below you will find some helpful reminders:


      Your child may leave a jacket in his/her cubby.

      Please send in an emergency set of clothes for your child to keep in his cubby.

      If you have not done so already, please send in a set of headphones for your child to use in our     classroom (no earbuds please).

      Breakfast/Lunch are FREE.   Ice cream will be available for students to purchase during lunch each   Wednesday.  If your child is purchasing ice cream please make sure money is in  his/her lunch account to   pay for the ice cream.                                         

      Great skills to practice

      Letters and Sounds

      Numbers (0-20)

      Sight Words


    We are looking forward to a very exciting and rewarding year as the children

    explore many great new adventures in Kindergarten!