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    Skill Based Learning

    Each grade level (9th-12th) incorporates elements of specific skill –based learning in addition to our standards based curriculum. Students will show evidence of growth in advanced reading and annotation, academic research, thematic connections between past & present, academic writing and critical thinking skills.


    What will be the focus of each grade level?

    9th Grade: Electives:

    • AP Human Geography
    • World Geography (Hon)

    10th Grade:

    • World History (Reg/Hon/AP) 

    11th Grade:

    • U.S. History (Reg/Hon/AP/AICE)              

    12th Grade:

    • Economics (Reg/Hon/AP) 
    • Government (Reg/Hon/AP)

    Social Studies Electives


    • AP Psychology
    • Holocaust
    • FBI Academy
    • AICE Sociology 
    • African American History
    • AICE Global Perspectives