Program Evaluation
  • The Program Evaluation Department provides program evaluation services for the District, including collection, analysis, and interpretation of data, information, test results, and other indicators that are used to identify areas of concern and need, uncover the impact of strategies and interventions on student outcomes, and serve as the basis for short and long-term planning.

    We accomplish this work through collaborative partnerships with Performance Management, Student Assessment & Research, other District divisions/departments, and external researchers from local universities. We are also an integral component of the Office of Strategic Initiative Management (SIM), assist District departments by identifying and selecting qualified consultants to meet their program research and analysis needs, and oversee the District's Institutional Review Board (IRB) and Research Review process to ensure compliance with federal and BCPS research standards.

  • Program Evaluation Services

    Program Evaluation Services include: (1) using data and sound analytics to develop reasonable targets for expected outcomes of programs or interventions; (2) developing evaluation designs, identifying leading and lagging indicators, and data collection strategies; (3) analyzing outcomes and interpreting findings; and (4) leveraging relationships with researchers to enhance evaluation design and analysis for District Initiatives. Central to designing effective program evaluations is the development of a: Theory of Action to define a problem, describe a program and its rationale, show previous research-based evidence of program effectiveness, and specify expected outcomes based on previous evidence. Logic Model to specify the rationale, necessary requirements, and sequence for programs and interventions to impact student outcomes, based on a program's Theory of Action.

  • Consultant Approval and Hiring

    Consultant Approval and Hiring services to assist departments in the identification and selection of qualified external research and evaluation consultants to conduct studies and evaluate program fidelity and impact of District initiatives on teaching and learning.

  • IRB and Research Review Process

    IRB and Research Review Process to ensure the protection of human subjects in educational research in BCPS, and that approved research benefits the District and does not negatively iimpact staff and student instructional time and resources.

  • Strategic Initiative Management (SIM)

    Strategic Initiative Management (SIM) to assist BCPS to maximize student achievement by working with departments across the District to accomplish the priorities of the BCPS Strategic Plan.


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