Silver Ridge Elementary ESE

  • At Silver Ridge Elementary, we value the gifts and growth of every student on campus.  We are fortunate to have students with a wide range of eligibilities, and we make it our mission to provide each student with what he or she needs to be successful and productive in a rigorous academic climate.  Our team includes ESE teachers, Speech-Language Pathologists, ESE support facilitators, related service providers, and our sensational ESE specialist.  We are committed to a culture of inclusion and ensuring that all students are able to actively participate on campus.

    We work closely with the Florida Inclusion Network, and our ESE support facilitators and administration have redesigned our service model to maximize inclusion.  Instead of students leaving their classrooms for academic help in a resource room, many of our students receive services in their general education classrooms, reducing lost transition time and feelings of exclusion.  The response from teachers, students, and parents has been overwhelmingly positive, and our students are continuing to show growth both academically and socially! We seek to maximize appropriate and meaningful inclusion (academic and social) for all students across settings.

    We take pride in giving our students the tools and support they need to be successful. Our administration, teachers, and staff at Silver Ridge Elementary thank you for being a part of our Silver Ridge Family!

    ESE Support Facilitators:
    Angelina Moscatello - Second, Fourth, and Fifth Grade
    Erica Doyle - Kindergarten, First, and Third Grade

    Speech Language Pathologists: 

    Natalie Cuellar
    Rachel Foster

    Staff members can be reached by email from the Staff Directory webpage or call the school and leave a message.

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