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  • Glades Middle School FIRST Lego League Competition Teams

    The Glades Middle School FIRST Lego League Competition Teams participate in a program made possible by the FIRST organization founded by Dean Kaeman. For the past 30 years, the FIRST programs have evolved into a global movement by engaging millions of people with a proven game-changer for preparing kids to solve the world’s greatest problems.

    The FIRST LEGO League program is designed to promote interest in science and technology in children aged 9-14 (Grades 4-8). Each year FIRST® releases a global STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) challenge that sparks students to explore real-life challenges and find innovative solutions to problems.

    Guided by adult Coaches, FIRST® LEGO® League introduces teams of up to ten members (Grades 4-8) to design innovative solutions to real-world engineering challenges inspired by an authentic theme such as food safety, recycling energy, exploring space, or reshaping our cities of tomorrow. In addition to this, teams must develop, design, build, and code a LEGO® MINDSTORMS® robots to perform autonomous “missions” on a thematic table-top playing field.


    To showcase their critical thinking, teambuilding and presentation skills, teams are invited to participate in local competitions. Glades teams participate in a team scrimmage, a practice tournament and a qualifying tournament. Teams must receive an invitational bid to move onto the regional level, state level and/or out-of-state event during the months of November through March. The season is extended dependent on the performance of the team at qualifying tournament.

  • Team Requirements

    Teams are made up to ten students through it is common to have only six members on the teams. The team members ages must be 9 to 14 of age.

    Glades Middle School has three teams. The makeup of teams is dependent on the coaches.

    Team members must be willing to put in the time and do any job the team needs to succeed.

  • Talents Required to Make-up a Team

    ·         Researcher – Gathers information about the Challenge theme, related real-world problems, and existing solutions. Community Connector – Considers who in the community might be impacted by or interested in your team’s problem and arrange to share your findings with them

    ·         Presenter– Designs a creative presentation to show the judges your team’s work on the Project.

    ·         Strategist – Analyzes the robot playing field and formulate various methods for accomplishing the missions. Lead the effort to establish a consensus on the final strategic plan and think about the risks and rewards of different strategies.

    ·         Constructor – Make decisions about building and work to form a consensus on the mechanical design of the robot among team members.

    ·         Coder– Make decisions about programming and form consensus on programming for the robot.

    ·         Project Manager – makes sure everyone’s ideas are heard, find compromises, and keep everyone on schedule with a timeline.

    ·         Documentation Specialist: Record and document the entire team’s thoughts, actions, failures, and successes throughout the FLL season in a journal, scrapbook, storyboard, video, or another form you can display and share.

    • Tryout Requirements and Schedule

      Requirements: Anyone who is interested considering being part of the team must be part of the Explore Technology class.

      Tryouts Schedule: Dates and schedules will be determined by the coaches. Generally, they will be held the second or third week of school.

      Practice Schedule
      Each team will be scheduled for their own practice day. Students will be provided for dinner between 4 and 4:15 PM. They are to go directly to the Cafeteria.

      ·         Elements: Monday 4 PM- 6 PM

      ·         Metalloids: Tuesday 4 PM - 6 PM

      ·         Isotopes: Wednesday 4 PM - 6 PM