School Advisory Forum (SAF): School Board policy requires that each school have a School Advisory Forum (SAF) composed of parents, teachers, community members, school administrators, non-instructional support staff, and other stakeholders. The SAF provides an opportunity for stakeholders to discuss and recommend actions on a variety of school issues. 
    The School Advisory Forum (SAF) shall foster and promote communication between its stakeholders, the school, and the Area Advisory Council. The SAF shall bring forth recommendations, concerns and interests to and from their Area Advisory Council.
    Meeting Location: School Advisory Forum (SAF) meeting locations are in the media center once a month at 2:20.
    School Advisory Forum (SAF) agendas and meeting minutes for the 2017-2018 school year: 

    August 28, 2019 SAF Minutes            August 28, 2018 SAF Agenda

     September 26, 2018 SAF Minutes     September 26, 2018 SAF Agenda

    Dates and times of Area Advisory Meetings:
    SAF By Laws: